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Views: 21 · Posted: 93 days ago

It will likely sell for Microsoft or Xbox Music / Video talking about, but Joe Belfiore immediate clarification on Twitter overwhelmed Microsoft no plans, but intends to be more long term. Instead, he said Xbox Music / Video upcoming major update, and today he fulfilled his promise. Microsoft launched Windows 8.1 Professional Product Key is a major update Xbox Video applications, using a newly designed interface. 


The new interface with the earlier launch of Xbox Music application to maintain a consistent style, but also with a new design style consistent site. Abandoned the previous dull style, Modern style home with a panoramic view of the level of the browser navigation. And Xbox Music style similar applications, the new Xbox Video applications will be the most advanced navigation on the left sidebar to change, you can quickly access your collection, movies and TV series. Click on any video thumbnail will pop up details interface, you can buy SD or HD video via the button above. 


Windows 8.1 Enterprise Product Key yesterday released a lock screen application, you can choose from 6 different screen layouts through the program, including time, date and notify the like. This will bring a completely different Windows 8.1 Enterprise lock screen animation. You can change the lock screen wallpaper and even Bing search wallpaper. 


Microsoft said the software R & D in 2014, so its operating environment requirements are very low, 512MB or more Windows 8.1 Enterprise phone system memory can be used. This means that like the lumia 520 and other entry-level phones can use the application.


This update is the use of a new design, improved user experience. Did not bring a functional update, but still contains a lot of small improvements and fixes.


Views: 21 · Posted: 93 days ago

Microsoft yesterday to push an emergency security patches, updates the Windows Certificate Trust List (CTL), to protect users from malicious use of digital certificates to attack the affected system, including Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 8.1 Professional Product Key


Microsoft says there will be more similar malicious certificate in the future, it is recommended to install Windows users as soon as the system update released yesterday. 


The patch can shield 45 different SSL certificates, hackers recently successful invasion of India, the State Information Center (NIC) in the system and steal this 45 certificates that certification by all versions of Windows 8.1 Professional activation code, and will not be issued to the user any reminder. 


You should be able to imagine, these certificates are quite a few websites, including online banking, online store, business services, Google and Yahoo's service is affected, so when the user accesses the use of these SSL certificates for Google, Yahoo products, it may be subject to attack. 


Microsoft said hackers currently have not found a successful implementation of such attacks. 


Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows RT, Windows RT Windows 8.1 Professional activation Key, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, WP8, WP8.1 users do not need to do anything, CTL will be automatically upgraded. 

Vista, Win7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2 If you turn on automatic updates, and need not take any action. If you do not turn on automatic updates, you need to manually download the patch, update the list of trusted certificates, certificate revocation malicious.


Views: 176 · Posted: 93 days ago

Windows 7's market, as the PC industry has injected a new vitality. But in terms of the IT service industry system, Windows 7 Home Premium Product Key will bring what benefit? Market research firm Ovum principal analyst Jens Butler, senior analyst Adam Jura and put forward their views: 


Microsoft (Microsoft) recently upgraded its Windows 7 Home Premium activation Key operating system platform. Although the process has some small state, but initially was generally positive. 


There are more than 8 million times beta download; 40,000 hours of customer experience; After months of working with partners to jointly develop the ecosystem, as well as more than 500 million times a feedback ─ ─ Clearly, Microsoft is trying to reveal more details about the development process , and to guide customers. 


Windows 7 Home Premium activation code has also taken another approach, namely focusing on customer concerns ─ ─ security, reliability, compatibility and speed. Users need to be able to "run now" the PC, the user would not obstruct the machine. Next, including multi-touch, remote streaming, direct access, federated search, Bit Locker disk encryption, and group sharing will become a necessary function. 



Views: 20 · Posted: 93 days ago

However, for some of the partners, the additional features included in windows 7 professional product key, but it may have a negative impact on its revenue potential. Windows 7 direct access technology allows employees to access corporate networks in remote offices without via VPN, which will affect some of Microsoft's partners. 


Windows 7 professional activation key But Microsoft believes this will not cause too much harm to partners, Microsoft also hope they can offer more features, such as value-driven (value-driven) VPN solution. 


The greatest concern is Windows 7 professional activation code to existing customers and what impact business applications software, especially developed for XP is often based on ERP. Ovum expects, despite some internal development for the enterprise, and the substantial investment made ??in terms of the application software, indeed there are some teething problems, but many features will be retained. 


Microsoft still retains the advice and services to support system integrators and other service partners, and in a way to help reduce the risk.


Views: 19 · Posted: 93 days ago

In the wake of the global financial crisis caused a significant impact on consumer spending, the global transition to a regular basis for the 'next Windows' version of speed slowed down. For example, many XP system has been supported for eight years or even longer time ─ ─ they often refuse to upgrade to Vista. With Microsoft extended support for XP is about to stop in phases by 2014, the industry urgently needs a new platform. Signed the "Software Assurance" (Software Assurance) business, also want to see if they spent the money to buy something, especially when they have missed the occasion of Vista. 


From the IT service provider's point of view, especially for the provision of system integration services business is concerned, since the beginning of Office 2013 Professional plus product key, with the current hardware refresh cycle and activate the new wave of system implementation work can be said that are in line with their needs . After extensive training from Microsoft, system integrators in the wake of the global financial crisis, can really provide the best solutions for the enterprise assistance, probably a full range of the service. 


How much negative impact on profit 


Overall, Ovum optimistic outlook for Office 2013 Professional plus activation code, especially in the enterprise market, within the next 12 months, the trend is expected to adopt quite strong. However, this does not mean that the former has not been rigorous costing and planning will allow the upgrade. But on the other hand, Windows 7 also provides an opportunity to "clean up" the system and make enterprise applications perform more smoothly. 


Undoubtedly, the former corporate conversion will be the first two issues of transparency and pricing integration, however, can improve overall performance, reliability and efficiency, etc., are much greater than the negative impact. For businesses, along with an increase in pressure in Office 2013 Professional plus activation Key after a slowdown in IT budgets and begin provisioning infrastructure, coupled with the advent of Windows 7 coincides with the time adjustment phase enterprise IT systems and update the hardware cycle, timing is better. 


Microsoft has begun to reach a broad main users, while working closely with key ecosystem partners to push the product faster approach.


Views: 20 · Posted: 93 days ago

Windows 8 is the next generation of Microsoft's major operating system upgrade, people familiar with the development process revealed, Windows 8 Professional Product Key will debut in early 2015. News recently learned Russian Wzor noted, Windows 9 may be Microsoft's first free operating system. 


This is not the first time the industry came the news about the free version of Windows, Microsoft has not confirmed before you and not too seriously. 

Let us speculate about, Windows 8 Professional activation Key if free, would be free in what form. 


First, Microsoft may provide to the OEM or other partners free Windows license, so you can make more devices installed Windows, and the price will decline. In this way, to attract more users to buy new equipment, which played to promote the effect of the new version of Windows. 


The second way is to provide Windows 8 Professional activation code free version directly to consumers, if it is this way, the system may contain advertising or product preinstalled help Microsoft make money. 


In addition, Wzor also claimed that, Windows 8 will feature the second generation of Modern interface. Windows 8 on a non-touch screen devices and servers continue to provide similar current Start button on the touch-screen device, the Start button will be different, but details unclear. 


If  Windows 8 Professional activation code free, you are willing to abandon Windows 7 yet?


Views: 24 · Posted: 98 days ago

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Views: 28 · Posted: 121 days ago

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